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Wholesale Women Clothing
Women’s Clothing , which is the right address for honest and reliable sales in the wholesale women’s clothing sector, where it was founded in 2006; it has come to the present day by working with the best people in the field.

Our brand, which serves in the field of manufacturing and wholesale of women’s clothing, has succeeded in constantly improving itself by keeping the pulse of fashion and the industry since the first day it was founded. We carry out the Design, Modelling, Planning, Cutting, Sewing, Quality Control, E-Commerce, Store and Online sales processes in accordance with professional company ethics with our expert employees. In addition to the wholesale stores at Merter and Güngören addresses, our company, with its uninterrupted production team, also sells to thousands of domestic and foreign customers and retail clothing stores via its online website.

Wholesale Clothing Models
Women’s Clothing  is one of the most established and well known companies in the clothing and textile industry. Directing the dynamics of the sector that constantly renew itself, Women’s Clothing  Moda makes sales with its 3000 square metre e-commerce warehouse, taking into account all the needs of the sector and market places. Almost all of the products in our warehouse are our own production. In addition, our company, which produces a new business model, has brought a new breath to the sector thanks to the API network it has provided to its customers.

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